Management of vocational education – The Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education

General Information

The Department of Vocational Education Management is a structural unit of the NAU Continuing Education Institute, founded on September 1, 2017. Since 2019, the department is headed by Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences Lyudmila Sidorchuk. The department is guided by the PROVISIONS ON THE DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT OF PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION.

Vision (Vision): The Department of Vocational Education Management is one of the leaders in the training of masters of education, pedagogical sciences, managers of educational institutions and other enterprises (institutions and organizations) in aviation, psychologists (conflictologists). and practical mediators), which defines the standards of training of these specialists according to the requirements of the time, the situation of the labor market and current trends in the development of digital technologies by introducing innovative specializations in the educational process with ensuring full tion of scientific and pedagogical potential of the department staff.

The mission of the department: preparation of socially responsible highly qualified specialists competitive in the domestic and world labor markets; formation of a creative, well-developed personality, education of a responsible citizen, a patriot of Ukraine, a person with high moral and social consciousness.

Strategic goals of the Department of Vocational Education Management:

  1. Expanding the range of educational services
  2. Introducing modern approaches to higher education, namely distance learning and dual education
  3. Increasing the scientific potential of the department
  4. Development of the professional and pedagogical potential of the department
  5. Expanding the international cooperation of the department in scientific and educational areas

Departmental landmarks:

  1. Highly qualified and professional teachers
  2. Innovation and creativity of academic staff and higher education graduates
  3. Teamwork, responsibility and mutual support
  4. Psychological adaptation of students and favorable conditions for development
  5. Transferring experience from leading faculty members
  6. Social, national and religious equality
  7. Creating favorable learning environments for people with disabilities
  8. Humanity, tolerance, honesty, respect
  9. Selflessness, Positivism, Corporate Ethics
  10. Individual approach, student-centeredness
  11. World practices and preserving national traditions in the higher education educational process

Main directions of activity of the department: educational activity; research activities; international activities; career guidance.

The Department of Vocational Education Management provides educational services at the Master’s level in 5 educational and professional programs in three specialties:

Specialty Professional Education Program Total License Volume
1 011 Educational, Pedagogical Sciences Higher Education Pedagogy 150
2 Information and Communication Technologies in Education
3 053 Psychology Conflictology and Practical Mediation 10
4 073 Management Managing Educational Institutions 40
5 Innovation Management