Bachelor’s – The Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education

Bachelor’s degree preparation for specialty
281 “Public administration and administration”

Specialty (specialization) Educational and professional program
281 Public administration and administration Management and public administration

Head of Department: Hrushchynska Nataliia Mykolaivna.

The training provides in-depth legal, economic, political science, management, social and humanitarian, professional training.

He works at the department:

  • 5 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, of whom: 2 Doctors of Public Administration, Doctor of Economics, Doctor of History, Doctor of Law;
  • 8 Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors, of which: 5 Candidates of Sciences in Public Administration, Candidate of Law, 2 Candidates of Philosophy.

Students of the specialty will undergo internships in state bodies: Committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, regional and district state administrations, etc.

List of competitive subjects or obtaining the first (bachelor) level of higher education according to the results of EIT (budget form of study):

  • Ukrainian language and literature;
  • maths;
  • Ukrainian history or foreign language.

List of necessary documents for entry

  • certificate of complete secondary education and supplement to it;
  • copy of passport;
  • completed questionnaire of the established sample;
  • copy of the card of the individual – the taxpayer;
  • medical certificate in the form 086-У;
  • four 3 x 4 cm photo cards;
  • copies of the documents proving the right of the entrant to enter out of competition (if any);
  • originals of documents confirming creative and professional achievements (articles, abstracts, diplomas, competitions, patents, additional certificates and diplomas on the completion of training courses, etc.).
Admission Rules for NAU 2020

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