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Independent external evaluation

External independent assessment is a set of exams aimed at determining the level of educational attainment of high school graduates. Its results are counted as entrance tests to higher education institutions.

In addition to graduates of general secondary education, persons who have already received a comprehensive secondary education certificate are also eligible for external independent assessment.

In 2020, the Ukrainian Center for Education Quality Assessment is testing for:

  • Ukrainian language and literature
  • History of Ukraine
  • mathematics
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Foreign language (English, German, French or Spanish)

In this case, the total number of subjects from which the students will pass the test should not exceed four. A certificate is issued by external independent evaluation.

Entrants who, for a valid reason, failed to attend the main session in one or more subjects may take the test during the additional session, provided they apply to the regional center with a statement stating the reason for skipping the test and documenting it. respect. Applicants can test their knowledge by taking part in a test session conducted before the main session.

Successful completion of an independent assessment is a prerequisite for university entrance.

Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment (UCEO) – It is a government agency that conducts external independent evaluation of learning outcomes obtained at a certain educational level and conducts educational quality monitoring studies. There are nine regional education quality assessment centers run by the UCCEA. At the same time, each of them is an independent legal institution responsible for the preparation and conduct of external independent assessment, entrance examinations to the magistracy in certain regions, conducts educational quality monitoring studies and tests new technologies in the field of educational measurement.