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Independent external evaluation

The Ministry of Education and Science approved Admission procedure for higher education in 2022 .

We remind you that due to hostilities in Ukraine this year canceled a conducting traditional entrance examinations to higher education institutions, respectively, repealed the orders governing the EIT and EMI .

Instead of the traditional entrance exams (ZNO, EVI / EPVV) in 2022 scheduled to run the following tests:

  • national multi-subject test (NMT) for admission to higher education on the basis of complete general secondary education in all specialties (budget places), conjunctural and medical specialties (in particular, contract);
  • master’s comprehensive test (MCT) ー for admission to the master’s degree in specialties 081 “Law” and 293 “International Law”;
  • master’s test of academic competence (MTNK) ー for admission to the master’s degree in the fields of knowledge 05 “Social and Behavioral Sciences”, 06 “Journalism”, 07 “Management and Administration”, 28 “Public Management and Administration”, 29 “International Relations” (except for specialty 293 “International Law”).