Public administration and administration – The Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education
The Department of Public Management and Administration was created on February 1, 2018. It is basic structural unit of the Educational and Research Institute of Continuing Education.
The department provides recruitment of students in specialty 281 “Public Management and Administration” of field of knowledge 28 “Public Management and Administration”.
In the context of socio-political changes in Ukraine there is an urgent need for specialists who are able to rebuild public administration, both in positions of civil servants and in positions of local self-government bodies of Ukraine.
The Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service”, Art. 19 stipulates that head (category of positions “A” and “B”) in state bodies can be only a person who has higher education degree not lower than a master. Bachelor and Master Degree Programs in specialty 281 “Public Management and Administration” take into account contemporary needs of employers (authorities). They are complex, adapted to needs of civil servants, officials and elected officials of local self-government bodies, aimed at development of managerial skills in efficient use of resource potential of the state, regions and territorial communities. All these measures are performed to develop knowledge and skills during implementation of decentralization processes in establishing of democratic government, to solve application management tasks, form practical skills and provide their future use.
The level of specialist training is provided by:
  • use of modern technologies and training tools
  • a strong logistics base
  • innovative lecturing methods
  • availability of public procurement places
  • possibility of parallel education
  • use of modern world lecturing methods: case study, business games, debates, workshops, lectures, debates, etc.
  • individual approach to learning
Advantages of training:
  • Possibility of employment with authorities
  • Advising and facilitating publication of scientific papers in professional editions on public administration
  • Conducting of practical classes and seminars in state and local self-government bodies
  • further admission to postgraduate and doctoral studies
Our department graduates are highly professional managers in the future. They usually hold positions of civil servants of different categories, local officials and elected officials, well-known heads of enterprises and organizations of different forms of ownership.