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General information

Department of Management Technologies is a graduate of the educational level of Master in the specialty 073 “Management”.

Specialists are trained in the educational and professional programs “Administrative Management” and “Project Management”. Today, the Department of Management Technologies employs 8 full-time teachers, including 2 doctors of sciences and 4 candidates of sciences.

In order to increase the professional level of graduate students in the process of study, they undergo research and production practice, are involved in workshops, trainings conducted by teachers of the department and business professionals. Regular consultations are provided on current economic and management issues.

Favorable conditions for master’s studies have been created, a convenient system of tuition fees, further employment assistance is provided.

In the process of preparation, students study disciplines that provide modern knowledge, skills, abilities to use a systematic approach to the organization of basic administrative processes, implementation of functions, methods and technologies of management decision-making, use of information and communication technologies, procedures and types of management diagnostics. analysis, as well as project management models, project management in the initiation, development and implementation of projects in any subject area, development of project implementation plans, development of estimates and budgets, project optimization.