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Parallel student learning

The modern labor market needs universal specialists who are able to quickly delve into the tasks and quickly make decisions, perform several tasks simultaneously.

The versatility of professionals is a characteristic of the diversity of their professional competencies, such as an economist with information and communication technologies or an engineer with knowledge in management, marketing or finance. Therefore, employers increasingly prefer applicants who have two higher educations because it shows their persistence, desire for knowledge and breadth of professional competencies.

For those students who are already thinking about their future, the best solution is to get two diplomas at once, ie to get a second higher education in parallel with the first.

Parallel education is a great additional learning opportunity for full-time students. In this case, the student receives a second higher education by correspondence, and begins to study in the second year. Disciplines studied by students in the major in the same amount, recalculated . This saves a lot of time and money and starts building a future promising career as soon as possible.

The main advantages of parallel learning in two specialties:
  • two specialties in 4 years of study
  • save money
  • recalculation of learning outcomes of already studied disciplines
  • ability to allocate your time economically and rationally
  • Enhance your choice of master’s programs
  • more friends and acquaintances than a student of two faculties

Detailed information on parallel learning is provided in paragraph 3.8. and p.7.8. Rules of admission to the National Aviation University in 2020.

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