Schedule of open classes – The Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education

Schedule of open classes

№ п / п Surname, initials of the teacher Position Discipline Topic of the lecture Date, time
1 Sidorchuk L.A. Head of Department Applied Research Methodology Empirical methods of psychological research 29.03.21р., 13: 00-14: 20
2 Petrenko O.V. Professor of Department Psychology and theory of mediation in conflict Optimization of communication style and strategy in conflict situations from the standpoint of behavioral approach 11.02.21 р., 13: 00-14: 20
3 Petrenko O.V. Professor of Department Extreme Psychology Psychological factors of protection against disruptions in team activities in extreme conditions and special situations 11.02.21 р., 13: 00-14: 20
4 Tolochko S.V. Professor of Department Information systems and technologies in educational process management Teacher brand formation in social networks 17.03.21 р., 09: 40-11: 00
5 Fendio O.M. Associate Professor Information technologies in the organization of inclusive education Knowledge control in inclusive groups using information technology 27.04.21 р., 09: 40-11: 00