Information and communication technologies in education – The Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education

Educational and professional program of the second (master’s) level of higher education “Information and communication technologies in education”

Modern specialty 011 “Educational and pedagogical sciences” studies the general principles of implementing innovative pedagogical methods, digital, cloud and mobile technologies in educational activities, in the organization of an inclusive environment and distance learning.

The purpose of the program is formation of digital competence, media literacy, the ability to produce new educational ideas and knowledge, the ability to develop and implement information and educational software products, design a distance educational environment and e-learning technologies in their professional activity Professional knowledge of digital technologies, cloud services, network and web technologies is the basis of educational activities, therefore specialists who comprehensively master information and communication technologies reach a qualitatively new level of qualification and are competitive on the labor market.

Training according to the program provides the possibility of employment in the following positions: information technology management expert; teacher of a higher educational institution; Researcher; research associate-consultant; an expert in information technology management.