Psychology of extreme and crisis situations – The Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education

Educational and professional program of the second (master’s) level of higher education “Psychology of extreme and crisis situations”

The program is aimed at the formation of the professional competencies of a psychologist, which allow to work successfully with personnel of various categories in organizations and enterprises where there are high psychological loads, unfavorable working conditions, special complexity of professional tasks, professional risks, potential dangers and increased responsibility.

Special attention is paid to the psychological issues of human interaction with complex technical systems and the leading aviation experience of working with the human factor.

A graduate of the program will be able to work as a corporate psychologist of enterprises and institutions of critical or technologically dangerous infrastructure, a psychologist in production units of psychophysiology and occupational safety, a psychologist of departmental psychological and scientific-methodical centers, a psychologist-consultant in psychological services and centers providing psychological assistance to various social groups, a psychologist in departmental and situational crisis centers, a rehabilitation psychologist, a psychologist in medical institutions.

The master’s level of higher education will also allow you to get a job as a teacher of a higher educational institution and a researcher. The educational program provides a perspective both for a psychologist-practitioner and for a psychologist-scientist.