Training center for qualified yachtsmen – The Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education

Qualified Yacht Training Center

The center conducts theoretical and practical training of drivers of small / small vessels in the following categories:

Name of the training course
Motor vessel navigator Swimming areas
body length from 6m. up to 24 m. inland waterways (VVS),
coastal sea routes (PMS)
Sailboatmaster Swimming areas
body length up to 8.5 m.
sail area up to 30 sq.m.
inland waterways (VVS),
coastal sea routes (PMS)
body length up to 15 m.
sail area up to 80 sq.m.g>
inland waterways (VVS),
coastal sea routes (PMS),
open sea (VM)
body length up to 24 m.
sail area over 80 sq.m.
inland waterways (VVS),
coastal sea routes (PMS),
open sea (VM)

Preparation is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Inland Water Transport” (Article 5, paragraphs 3, 4; Article 41), Resolution 40 of the Working Group of the Inland Water Transport Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe “International Management Certificate pleasure boat ”and“ Regulations on the procedure for issuing a small / small vessel driver’s license ”approved by the Order of the Ministry of Infrastructure dated 26.08.2014 № 413.

Upon successful completion of the training, students receive a Certificate of the Center and are allowed to pass the confirmation of qualification (exam) in the qualification commission of the State Service of Maritime and Inland Water Transport and Shipping of Ukraine (Maritime Administration). Upon successful completion of the examination, the Maritime Administration shall issue a CERTIFICATE OF A SMALL / SMALL VESSEL in accordance with Resolution №40 of the European Commission for Inland Water Transport at the UN “SERTIFICATE OPERATOR OF PLEASURE CRAFT”.

Certificates are awarded to candidates who are at least 18 years old; have a valid certificate of fitness to drive a vehicle for health reasons.

The theoretical course is conducted in NAU classrooms or remotely (online on the ZOOM platform). Students gain practical skills with small / small vessel control on sailing, sailing-motor vessels. Students are provided with methodological material on the topics of the training course.

The practice of sailing is carried out during the navigation on the basis of the yacht club NAU “SOUTH”, in the waters of the Kaniv Reservoir.

Additionally, programs are offered on the practice of sailing vessel management in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea (bareboat charter) – Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland.

Center Director

Konitsula Tetyana Yakivna tel .: + 38099-047-90-37; email:

Project Manager

Golembievsky Grigory Grigoryevich tel. + 38067-447-36-83 ; email:


03058 Kyiv, 1 Lubomyr Husar Avenue; tel .: + 38067-447-36-83 ; email: