Structure – The Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education


Typical organizational structure of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education includes: 3 departments, 4 centers and 3 departments.

Typical organizational chart

Default management scheme


Department of Management Technologies trains OS specialists with educational and professional programs: “Administrative Management”, “Project Management”.

tel .: (044) 406-73-72

Department of Public Administration and Administration prepares OS specialists with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and OS with a master’s degree in educational and professional programs: “Management in Public Administration”, “Economic Analysis and Forecasting in Public Administration” , “Public self-government, regional development and self-government”.

tel .: (044) 406-79-92

Department of Vocational Education Management provides training for OS specialists Master of Educational and Professional Programs: “Information and Communication Technologies in Education”, “Psychology of Extreme and Crisis Situations”, “Innovation Management”.

tel .: (044) 406-74-96 , (044) 406-74-00


Training and Advisory Center for Advanced Training organizes and conducts training and retraining of specialists in the aviation industry, oil and gas industry, information security, municipal economy, ecology and energy efficiency, land management, psychology; advanced training of freelance teachers, additional education for students; conducts training in social programs and provides quality study of European languages.

tel .: (044) 406-70-34

Training Center “Organization for preparation for maintenance” carries out the training of aviation personnel for maintenance within the permits issued by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine in accordance with the standards of the European Union.

tel .: (044) 406-74-07

The main purpose of the Training and Consulting Center for Integrated Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection is to provide modern theoretical knowledge and practical skills on critical infrastructure protection and integrated security management through training programs, training courses and advanced training.

tel .: (044) 406-75-38

The activities of the Center for Expertise and Certification of Educational and Scientific Programs are aimed at conducting an independent expert evaluation of educational and scientific programs in the NAU advanced training system in order to implement them in the educational process and further certification; development of joint international educational programs with European universities and their accreditation, as well as cooperation with enterprises, organizations and institutions by fulfilling orders for the creation of innovative educational and scientific training programs on the basis of economic agreements and cooperation agreements.

tel .: (044) 406-71-57


Training Department
The main task of the educational and methodical department of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education is the planning, organization and control of the educational process of the Institute.

Economics Department
The main tasks of the economic department are the organization, analysis and planning of economic activities of NNINO, which is based on the principles of legality, economic feasibility of organizational measures aimed at ensuring the effective economic functioning of the Institute.

Marketing and Information Technology
The Department of Marketing and Information Technologies is designed to organize a comprehensive study and analysis of domestic and foreign markets for educational services, to develop a strategy for marketing activities of the institute, the implementation of modern information technologies.