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Polishchuk Oksana Vladimirovna

Deputy director, candidate of economic sciences, associate professor

Polishchuk Oksana Volodymyrivna

Degree: Candidate of Economic Sciences

Academic title: Associate Professor

In 2000 she graduated from the International Institute of Linguistics and Law, specialist, qualification as an international lawyer, translator (English).

2002 – Master’s degree from Kyiv International University, majoring in Master of Foreign Policy.

In 2010 she defended her Candidate’s dissertation on “Institutional principles of ensuring the international competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses in the context of globalization”, was awarded the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences in World Economy and International Economic Relations.

2012 – Interdisciplinary Internship Abroad “Modern University: International Cooperation and Mobility for Innovation through a Project Approach”. Certificate of International Internship University of Informatics (WSIiU), Lodz, Poland.

2015 – advanced training “Prospective areas of research – 2015”. Certificate of completion of an internship abroad, Academic Community. Mykhailo Baludyansky, Bratislava, Slovakia.

2017 – advanced training “Educational systems of the European Union: prospects for cooperation and development.” Certificate of internship abroad, Prague Institute for Advanced Training (PRIZK), Prague, Czech Republic.

From 2019 to August 1, 2022, she worked as the head of the Department of Management Technologies of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education of the National Aviation University.

2020 – Advanced training “Initiating and Planning Projects” “Initiating and Planning Projects” Certificate of completion of an internship course authorized by the University of California, Irvine and offered through Coursera.

2020 – advanced training “Organization of distance learning in educational institutions”. Certificate of internship Central Institute of Postgraduate Education SEE “University of Education Management” NAPS of Ukraine.

The author of more than 200 scientific and educational and methodical works, including foreign publications, textbooks with the NAU seal.